Why a fascinator by Maureen will make the best fashion accessory
Fascinators don't just have to be for weddings, there's lots of applications!

Fascinators in Vogue fashion accessories

Fascinators are in Vogue again and are not only worn to the horse racing meetings.

They are now popular at formal after 5 functions, gala balls, presentations, school graduations, weddings, birthdays and even hens’ nights.

Fashion Fascinators can be a lavish, artistic fashion statement, or they can be created smaller, to give a more subtle effect.

If you’re after a much smaller matching version of the fascinator which can either be attached to one’s handbag; worn on one’s outfit; or attached to one’s partner’s lapel - Maureen can cater to all requests.

A particularly lovely fashion statement at any event is a man bearing a miniature lapel embellishment of the lady’s Fashion Fascinator.

Fascinators for Weddings - Bride, bridesmaids and mother of the bride

Weddings are another occasion especially with the advent of beach and casual weddings. Maureen’s daughter’s wedding was on the beach in North Queensland, and everything was a Frangipani theme. We created for her a white Fashion Fascinator with a pale pink frangipani, and the two bridesmaids had smaller Fashion Fascinators but in pink. Very lovely! A Fashion Fascinator can be created to which a veil could be attached also giving it a very elegant and tasteful statement that’s completely customer created to your event.

Mothers of the Bride and Groom are another group of people who wear Fashion Fascinators. The Mother of The Bride or Groom will normally choose a subtle fascinator, to maintain the limelight on the special wedding of their child. Fashion Fascinators has a particularly lovely design simply made up of soft feathers (in whatever colour desired) and it’s soft, pretty, and just floats. Placed on a clip and it’s easy to stay in even the shortest of hair.

Ladies, I can help you create a particular Fascinator created to match your outfit

With any customer creation, all I need is to see your dress or you can send me a photograph of your outfit via email or text and I can match the fabric and feathers to create your perfect accessory. You can also choose from a selection of features, flowers and other ornaments.

Most fascinators are made on slide combs, but clips are also available, and some ladies prefer the fascinator to be incorporated onto a headband of a matching or contrasting colour that matches your outfit. All three ideas are great and can be incorporated to one’s personal taste.

A fascinating accessory customised to you

One of the many wonderful things about Fascinators is, if one really wants to wear a hat, a basic hat can be purchased and, by simply attaching a fascinator, it can be given a completely unique look.

A basic black hat can be worn to many functions over the years, just by adding a different colour in a different position each year.

Nobody will ever guess it’s the same hat!!! What a bargain!!

Fascinators can be so versatile, which you can keep them for years!

Another side to the fascinators - a fantastic, cost effective fashion solution!

Fascinators are so versatile and can be worn in different positions on the head to give an alternate look.

A fascinator worn on the left-hand side of the head to one occasion, will look entirely different if worn on the right-hand side of the head to another occasion, as the detail will change.

They can even be worn at the back of the head or on the top for varied effects and dimensions.

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Maureen started creating fascinators at the beginning of 2004 when she was attending a classical music concert, combined as a fashion parade of designer clothes, in a fabulous venue on the slopes of Castle Hill overlooking the city below.
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Fascinators are in Vogue again and are not only worn to the horse racing meetings. They are now popular at formal after 5 functions, gala balls, presentations, school graduations, weddings, birthdays and even hens’ nights.
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